Wondering which films to watch? Spotlight presents thematically grouped, must see films, hand-picked by Fandor's curators.

Polling Party

In honor of the election, we at Fandor have selected a mash-up of films with American Politics as the thread. Ranging from documentaries that explore past presidential campaigns (FEED, ONE BRIGHT SHINING MOMENT) or the leaders who fought for justice (BROTHER OUTSIDER, BREAKING THROUGH) to experimental comments (THE DEATH OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN (IN THREE PARTS), DICK CHENEY IN A COLD, DARK CELL) with all the drama (THE CANDIDATE) and comedy (THE OUTFIT, REAL VOTERS OF THE USA) a voter can take. We offer full transparency. Whether you're with her or him, we want you with us. It's not polite to talk politics, so watch instead.

Selected Films