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2 members found this review helpful An overwrought cast lurching about seemingly at random, the absence of Joel and the bots is sorely felt. (more)

1 member found this review helpful I didn't know who Werner Herzog was a year ago until I joined Fandor, and now I actively seek out his movies and documentaries. I am consistently impressed. I am 59 and have seen a fair number of films of all types, and while I am no expert, I do believe I possess enough critical judgement to recommend his work to anyone, as I just did on Facebook, which by the way I will be dumping because I... (more)

1 member found this review helpful very good movie, surprisinlgy bad ending given the quality of the rest; still worth the time; such a good film it's an incongruously bad ending that may have either been forced or the result of fulfilling an idea that was afoot before the film was made and should have been scrapped. no matter, still a very good film worth watching (more)

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  • Secondary Currents

    Secondary Currents

    Reviewed by Ania C.

    incredible! Loved this.(more)

  • Accattone


    Reviewed by William K.

    a good film but I had a hard time reading the subtitles. The white on white made it nearly impossible.(more)

  • Glastonbury Fayre

    Glastonbury Fayre

    Reviewed by countfink

    Before some wiseacre came up with the term "Rockumentary," there were "Concert Films." In the prehistoric world before DigitalVideoInterwebz, this was the only way to catch a glimpse of the giant... (more)

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  • Brian Eno: The Man Who Fell to Earth

    Brian Eno: The Man Who Fell to Earth

    Reviewed by nuntukamen

    15 of 16 members found this review helpful An absolutely profound look at Eno and the development of ambient music. This is the type of in-depth indie film I was hoping to locate, educational and entertaining, an historically accurate... (more)

  • Fear and Trembling

    Fear and Trembling

    Reviewed by emteezy1

    10 members found this review helpful From the onset I thought I would watch "the French version of Office Space," and I could not have been, both more incorrect, and more pleased that it wasn't. As a female having worked in... (more)

  • Sita Sings the Blues

    Sita Sings the Blues

    Reviewed by sam0000268441

    9 of 10 members found this review helpful For those who are familiar with the story of the Ramayana will find this intriguing and quite amusing. And if you aren't, then this will still be worth your while. Certainly the various styles of... (more)