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Film Noir at its best.This film captures all the despair of the "heroes Journey"the pursuit of an unobtainable goal matches Alfred Hitchcocks best work.

The Color is a Fine rendering of one of HPL's Most allusive story " The Color Out of Space" for an indie it has great production one of the few really good renderings of Lovecrafts stories

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the classic film noir western, a staple of TV in the early 50's.I remember being glued to the set waiting for each gruesome death.A sensational cast of 50,s character actors in a journey through hopelessness and despair.

A fascinating artist who sacrificed all for his artistic vision.I have viewed Sayat Nova several times and never tire of it because every viewing reveals more of Paradjanov's unique vision.Viewing the requiem has educated me to his other work which I look forward to viewing.His work requires the viewer to truly apply his mind to what he is seeing.Visually dazzling and requiring deep analysis of what you see.

Very interesting film of WSB paired with some very odd clips of fans better left out.but all in all,rewarding viewing.

812.d 100 75


great movie but unfortuately the last 50 seconds is chopped off.