In the days between editing this video and writing the accompanying text, two new prequels to major franchises–another Star Wars “story” focused on Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Pennyworth, presumably detailing the early years of Bruce Wayne’s butler Alfred–were tentatively put forward. And then there’s the online debate that has rumbled on in the wake of Donald Glover’s acclaimed TV series, Atlanta, and his music alter-ego Childish Gambino’s dropping of the multi-million-times-viewed music video, “This Is America,” about what unique qualities Glover might bring to a standalone Lando Calrissian film. And what about the prequels and reboots and offshoots of Star Trek, X-Men, Alien and Harry Potter? This much is certain: Prequels are fast becoming any self-respecting franchise’s pre-requisite.

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