Despite having been an Academy Award nominee three times over, Woody Harrelson is rarely mentioned among the best of the best. The main reason for this seems to be that Woody isn't widely viewed as a "serious actor." Why is that?

Well, if you are at all familiar with Woody Harrelson, you are familiar with the unmistakably chill, mellowed-out, and goofy vibe that he seems to exude at all times. Whether he is playing the police officer or the criminal, Harrelson exudes a charisma that directors have been using to their advantage for decades. And more often than not, Harrelson carries his chilled-out vibe onto the screen as well, and people have come to expect it from him. Hey, just because he’s got his skill-set dialed in, that doesn't make him any less of a great actor! Woody knows what works, and we love him for that.

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