Our lives are becoming more dependent on technology with each passing year. So it goes without saying that humankind might become dependent on technology for satisfying their—how to put it delicately?—physical needs as well. This video explores the films that approach the topic of “technosexuality,” which Urban Dictionary defines as: “A person, male or female, who is so deeply enthralled with technology they discuss it with a level of passion that most people reserve for sex...” Films about robots or sentient computers often satisfy this definition, and, here, we cover select scenes from Blade Runner 2049 as well as Spike Jonze’s Her.

Dig deeper into the futures proffered by movies like “Blade Runner” and “Her” with our article discussing how Lynn Hershman’s “Teknolust” disrupts the male gaze. Then follow that up by watching the movie itself (with your Fandor subscription, of course).