Stop motion animation takes time. It also takes creativity, innovation, patience, and the ability to the see the world in ways unimaginable, until they are realized... by Animators! Spend the weekend watching amazing stop motion films by masters of the art.

The Playlist:

1. Street of Crocodiles (dir. The Brothers Quay)
The Brothers Quay (identical twins Stephen and Timothy Quay) are as famous as you can get when it comes to stop motion animation. Their otherworldly stop motion masterpieces come in the form of music videos, short and feature films. If you need more Quay animations after this, try this movie list devoted entirely to the Quay Brothers.

2. Alice (dir. Jan Švankmajer)
Czech animator Jan Švankmajer reimagines Lewis Carroll’s Alice and Wonderland in this fantasy film hybrid of stop motion puppetry and live animation.

3. Asparagus (dir. Suzan Pitt)
Suzan Pitt could not be cooler. Asparagus is a surreal psychedelic dreamscape, that uses stop motion and hand painted cel animation. This is a Fandor favorite!

 4. Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then (dir. Brent Green)
This feature film by filmmaker Brent Green is based on the life of Leonard Wood, who built a house in the hopes of curing his wife from a terminal illness. Green creates a wonderful back and forth between live music performed by himself and his band scoring the stop motion/live action film, which includes sequences by director Jem Cohen.

5. The Pettifogger (dir. Lewis Klahr)
If you have dipped a toe in the experimental film community, then you know Lewis Klahr. His work can be seen at avant-garde spaces like ATA in SF, or at screenings at MoMA Film in NYC. Klahr uses cut-outs to collage a crime narrative on the life of a 1960s con man.


Watch the full playlist: Stop Motion Devotion