There are two kinds of trailers in this world: the kind that leave you with an extremely clear sense of how a movie’s plot unfolds (much like last week’s Trailer Park feature, Rough Night) and the kind that give you a much more impressionistic, poetic sense of a movie, without revealing much of the story at all. The trailer for The Bad Batch, an unconventional genre film that is co-produced by Vice (those arbiters of all things raw and awesome) and will be in theaters beginning June 23, falls squarely into that latter category. Very few of the actual plot points are revealed, but we’re left with a very strong sense of the world of the film. Spoiler alert: That world is weird, arid, and harrowing.


The trailer transports us to a post-apocalyptic muscle beach, full of mean and swole hardbodies who have some very intense and disturbing eye contact going on. From there, the rhythmic cuts of the editing plunge us into darker territory, both literally and figuratively, and the mild Mad Max vibes give way to ones more aligned with The Matrix or Blade. Jim Carrey gives a brief appearance, doing his best “Tom Hanks in Castaway” impression, and we see Suki Waterhouse (in her feature debut) in various stages of limblessness, no less badass in each one. Sidebar: If this movie has the perhaps unintended side effect of eroding ableism around what it means to be a survivor and a fighter, especially in a gendered way? We’re here for it.

Someone in the trailer’s comments section characterized the aesthetic of The Bad Batch as “Robert Rodriguez meets Nicolas Winding Refn”, and we agree, sort of. Yes, it’s set in Texas. Yes, there are glimpses of nightclub lights and plenty of sensual and stylish production design. But that formula fully fails to account for the vision of director Ana Lily Amirpour, who (as the trailer helpfully reminds us) also helmed the acclaimed and unconventional “Iranian vampire western” A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night. Her eye for the striking and soulful comes through loud and clear. 

A few more observations from the official trailer for The Bad Batch:

  • Much like Amanpour’s previous film, there seems to be a real push-pull between the image of a vulnerable young woman and the sinister forces that seem to surround her (or maybe even emanate from her)
  • Is there sunscreen? We hope there’s sunscreen
  • We’re calling it now: As a Halloween costume, “Suki Waterhouse in The Bad Batch” is going to be this year's “Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad
  • Does Keanu’s mustache have its own Twitter account yet? If not, we’ve all failed each other, to be honest

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