This week in the Trailer Park, we’re looking at three ways in which art imitates life: We’ve got a biopic, a historical drama, and a ripped-from-the-headlines rom-com, all hotly anticipated and poised to hit theaters in the next two months. From Louis C.K.’s “secret project” to Margot Robbie’s star turn as an infamous athlete to Daniel Day Lewis’ hotly anticipated final curtain call, these previews have us more than ready to spend our holidays in a darkened theater! Let’s take a closer look at some of the trailers that released this week:

I, Tonya

So, we realize that at least some of y’all millennials weren’t even born yet during the 1994 Winter Olympic Games — which were the G.O.A.T., in our humble opinion — but rest assured that the Tonya Harding story has a little bit of everything juicy you crave from your mass-media entertainment: feats of impressive physical prowess (Harding was the first American woman to successfully land a triple axel in competition), delicious and dastardly drama (then she was embroiled in a scandal involving a hired assault on her teammate Nancy Kerrigan, who went on to triumph over her injury and win the silver medal), and a surreal second act in the public eye (Harding became a celebrity boxer, and then briefly a professional boxer, in the early 2000s). Harding was a working-class girl with rough edges and heavy eyeliner from rainy Portland, Oregon, and in this expertly crafted first teaser Margot Robbie both uncannily captures her essence and portrays her as a caustic and self-aware narrator. Coming to theaters December 8, I, Tonya is a biopic sure to humanize a woman known mainly for headlines, punchlines, and getting punched. Plus, 90s ice skating fashion. Enough said.


Phantom Thread

This is not a drill! Daniel Day-Lewis and Paul Thomas Anderson have reunited for the first time since There Will be Blood a decade ago, and it’s said that this onscreen appearance will indeed be Day-Lewis’ swan song as an actor. If that’s not enough reason to see this movie (which, like so many gifts, opens Christmas Day), then we just don’t know what would be.


Day-Lewis plays famous clothier Reynolds Woodcock, who dressed (and, as the story goes, undressed) the social elite of 1950s Britain with his sister Cyril (hmm, shades of Donatella and Gianni Versace, perhaps?) before he fell hard for a headstrong woman who soon became his lover and muse. Um, where do we apply for the job of muse to a fashion house, exactly? Anyway, whether or not she will rip the seams out of his carefully constructed life remains to be seen, and this tease reveals little. The film itself looks to be as sumptuous and mysterious as we’ve come to expect from P.T.A. at the height of his powers, and the peek at posh postwar fashions to which this trailer treats us already has us, frankly, salivating! Add in a score from Anderson’s longtime collaborator, Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood, and things are looking auspicious for this major motion picture, indeed.


I Love You, Daddy

What, and who, does an early Woody Allen homage-parody serve in a post-Weinstein world? And is writer-director-star Louis C.K. excoriating fathers, or daughters, or lovers, or all? The tinkly jazz and blythe black-and-white stylings on view here place the movie out of time in some sort of romantic New York where rich schoolgirls are somehow running the show, but it’s very hard to see this story as being out of time right now. The woman who implores, near the end of the trailer, “I mean, everybody’s a pervert. I’m a pervert. We’re all perverts. Who cares?” seems to be an apologist of the kind we are seeing a lot of these days. Um, as it turns out, actually, a lot of people care.

This is C.K.’s first feature film since 2001’s still-enduring cult classic Pootie Tang, and some might say that with it, he’s lobbing an awful lot of stones from an awfully glasslike’s hard to tell yet if this film is more like Diary of a Teenage Girl or Manhattan, but it will be very interesting to see what other powerful men (not unlike the character played by “alpha-male” John Malkovich here) will be publicly taken down by their own “perversions” by the time I Love You, Daddy hits theaters on November 17.


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