Welcome back to the Trailer Park! This week we’re taking a look at two highly-anticipated movies and one soon-to-be-released episodic series, that run the gamut from heartwarming family fare to dark action comedy to just, well, Dark. Let’s dive right in:

Game Night

What’s better than seeing one of your favorite Friday Night Lights actors in a whole new light? Seeing two of them at once! Game Night, which judging by this trailer feels a bit like Date Night meets The House on Haunted Hill, features performances by both Kyle Chandler (aka the G.O.A.T., Coach Taylor) and Jesse Plemons (aka the loveable Christian rocker Landry Clarke).


But that’s not all! We’re particularly excited to see Lamorne Morris, who you may know as New Girl’s cat-owning, prank-happy cop Winston Bishop, bringing his delicious brand of weirdness to the tabletop (see what we did there?). Casting both True Detective’s Rachel McAdams and Dexter’s titular antihero Michael C. Hall is a big fat wink at our collective cultural obsession with killers, crime, and amateur sleuthing, and watching the ever-acerbic Jason Bateman stuff cheese in his mouth as his brother gets dragged off by goons is a sly jab at our increasingly cynical processing of our increasingly violent culture. And that’s to say nothing of the addition of Chelsea Peretti, who always, always brings the funny. Add in some fast cars, a bloody dog, and plenty of fish-out-of-water hijinks for this (motley) crew of accidental gumshoes? Yeah, this one feels like a winner.

Game Night will be in theaters March 2, which gives us all plenty of time to convince our friends to put down the wine and the Settlers of Catan and actually leave the house for once.

The Greatest Showman


For many, the name P.T. Barnum conjures up two things: the phrase, “there’s a sucker born every minute”, and the image of sad sickly elephants in big metal cages. So, it’s safe to say that The Greatest Showman is putting a lot of layers of lacquer on the life of this consummate huckster. Look, who are we to judge? These are dark times we’re living in, and we could all use a little spectacle to take our minds off of them. Cue the movie musical! Apparently in development for 7 years while studio fatcats decided whether or not to take a chance on this larger-than-life, all-singing, all-dancing affair or simply shoot from the hip with a straight-up biopic, we’re pretty sure that its fate was sealed by the smash success of a little flick called La La Land — but what do we know? Oh, only that the two movies share the same lyricists. That could be a great thing or a not-so-great thing, depending on your taste. Personally, we’d prefer something more along the lines of Moulin Rouge, with Hugh Jackman, Zac Ephron, Michelle Williams, Zendaya, and the rest of this star-studded, triple-threat cast bringing a vintage twist to a more contemporary score. Plus, Baz Luhrmann’s flair for the extreme would be supremely well-suited for this over-the-top take on the big top! But obviously nobody asked us, so we’ll just have to forget about what might have been.

The Greatest Showman comes to theaters on Christmas Day, but if you want to enjoy with circus peanuts and cotton candy, you’ll probably have to smuggle them in at your own risk.


It speaks to Netflix’s increasingly daring programming choices that they are pushing a series with no recognizable faces to speak of and plenty of subtitles to boot, and from this preview it seems like the risk will have a big, scary payoff. With essences of IT, a swirl of Stranger Things, a heaping helping of Twin Peaks, and even a little dash of Black Mirror, Dark seems like a recipe for highly entertaining terror!


This trailer teases a foreboding forest full of supernatural secrets, a time-hopping, mind-bending plot centered around four families and their secrets, and a world-weary detective trying to get to the heart of it all. Oh, and of course, one particularly evil person’s bunker complete with (fittingly) bunk beds, some teddy bears, a pinecone, and a really scary chair-helmet that’s some sort of cross between a pilates machine, a Viewmaster, and the Ludovico technique. Who is this raincoat-clad villain, and what are they doing to that poor ginger? We’ll find out in less than a month: Dark begins streaming on December 1.

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