There are a few actors that I always associate with certain character types: Jason Statham is the tough guy; John Wayne will forever be the cowboy. But I will always associate Toni Collette (Watch Muriel's Wedding right now on Fandor!) with being a mom.

In all of Collette’s most memorable roles—The Sixth Sense, Little Miss Sunshine, The Way, Way Back, Glassland, and Hereditary, to name a few—she plays the mother. But what’s most interesting is how Collette brings different personalities and nuances to each individual mother she plays. From her timid, unsure mothering style in The Way, Way Back, to the aggressive alcoholic she portrays in Glassland, Collette has covered the full spectrum of motherhood. However, every character she plays does share a common trait: Poignant silence. While most actors get praise for scenes with lots of dialogue, Collette makes her impact without speaking, creating long pauses that are as heavy as a dramatic monologue. I think we all know how impactful a mother’s silent treatment can be! Toni Collette is one of today’s most talented actresses, but most importantly, she is the mother of all movie moms.

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