He may not display the Shakespearean gravitas of Tom Hanks or the masochistic pursuit of mastery like Daniel Day-Lewis, but the fact remains that Tom Cruise is simply bonkers-talented.

But while someone like Nicolas Cage is often praised for his unhinged, nothing-left-to-lose energy on-screen, Cruise is no less forceful a performer—and yet he embodies a very different kind of hero (and sometimes, villain). He is often praised for his discipline and perfectionism, especially in the Mission: Impossible saga, but as this video shows, he applies the same approach to characters with imperfections and vulnerabilities. Here, we take a look at how relentless intensity—to the point of madness—is what makes Tom Cruise so, so much more than just a beloved, high-octane daredevil...or a couch-jumping maniac! 

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