Amélie kickstarted Audrey Tautou’s career and put director Jean-Pierre Jeunet on the global map, but there’s another name born of that film that you absolutely should know: cinematographer Bruno Delbonnel. Working as director of photography on Amélie launched him into the realm of top Hollywood directors, and he has since worked with filmmakers like Tim Burton, Joe Wright, and the Coen Brothers, and on countless major films, from Darkest Hour to Inside Llewyn Davis. In the latest installment of our series on cinematographers, Language of the Image, we take a look how Delbonnel uses distinct looks, unique color palettes, and a trademark glow to craft one-of-a-kind imagery for some of today’s most notable films.

Watch Now: Curious to see Delbonnel in action? Check out his work as cinematographer on Across the Universe, streaming now on Fandor!
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