What comes to mind when you think of Steve Carell? Is he a comedic actor, or something more? Through a multitude of performances, Carell has proven that he will not be defined by past roles. Rather, he is an amalgam of nuanced collective decisions and experiences. Throughout the mid-2000s, audiences came to know him as a wacky comedic force to be reckoned with. As Michael Scott in The Office, he demonstrated impeccable comedic timing and a knack for improvisational wordplay. On the big screen, from The 40-Year-Old Virgin to Anchorman, Carell made a name for himself playing awkward characters with a painful lack of self-awareness. But that’s not all he’s about. Upon leaving The Office in 2012, Carell initiated a remarkable career transition by taking on more challenging roles, like his performances in Foxcatcher and The Big Short. While he may be most well-known for his turns in comedies, our latest installment of Icons & Outliers takes a look at why it would be a shame to consider Steve Carell as anything but one of cinema’s most fascinating and unpredictable outliers.

In Robert Zemeckis’s upcoming drama, “Welcome to Marwen,” Carell stars as Mark Hogancamp, a man who builds an entire town out of miniature figurines as a way to cope with and recover from a brutal physical assault. In anticipation, be sure to watch “Marwencol,” a documentary about Hogancamp, streaming now on Fandor! 

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