Over the course of her first five films, Sofia Coppola has built up a recognizable and very personal style. Without exception, her films hinge on characters who seem to have it all but are stuck in a rut. Whether it's the teenage sisters in The Virgin Suicides (1999), the Hollywood stars in Lost in Translation (2003) and Somewhere (2010), or the 18th Century queen in Marie Antoinette (2006): they're all sick and tired of their enviable lives. In other words, Coppola's characters are trapped in gilded cages. Judging by the first trailer the same will be true for her next film The Beguiled, which is premiering in competition at the upcoming Cannes Film Festival. But it's still up for grabs whether the signature Sofia Coppola shot that this video essay explores, and which is present in all five films she's made thus far, will pop up once again.