In honor of May the Fourth Be With You, we present you all with this very special Flash Back Fandor, which celebrates the Space Opera roots of our favorite Galaxy, far, far away.

With Solo: A Star Wars Story coming out in just a few weeks, let’s revisit the release of Rogue One and its space-opera sense of story. Rogue One had the tricky task of introducing a new cast of characters that share the same universe as Darth Vader and the other Star Wars characters, and it called upon many operatic traditions in order to do so. Costumes in opera, for example, transcend language and speak to how the audience should react to a character, and the costumes in Rogue One join the ranks of the most iconic Star Wars regalia. Before we even knew about the characters, we could easily rely on their costumes to get a sense of their identities. Films were born out of the operatic tradition of spectacle; audiences face movie screens the way they face a proscenium or thrust. From costume design to grand entrances, these ingredients of opera can still be found even in the most dazzling of 21st Century blockbusters.

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