Philip Seymour Hoffman could do it all: He could make us laugh, he could make us cry, and he could do both of those things in a single scene—he was just that versatile. This incredible talent is what led to Hoffman being labeled as a character actor, but that classification doesn’t quite seem to do him justice. Yes, he had many standout performances in many eccentric supporting roles, but Hoffman was also a commanding presence who proved himself to be a tour de force in several leading performances. I’m not sure if any other actor has ever been able display emotion like Hoffman did. Thoughtful, and passionate, and really just a joy to watch, Hoffman was truly one of the greats. From subtle facial expressions to volatile explosions of dialogue, Hoffman was a master of emoting—he was a master of his craft in general. He made us laugh, he made us cry, but above all, he made us care.

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