In my new video essay series "I'll Believe It When I See It", the idea was to create something that would be accessible for people who know nothing about movies, as well as those who are die-hard cinephiles. This first episode addresses something that may not be apparent to many millennials, but for filmmakers like me – who started making films in the late 90’s – is all too real: the fact that many moviegoers now choose the option to watch films not in theaters, but on their phones.

Streaming services like Fandor offer great access to a wealth of films that are hard to find anywhere else, and I am sure some people choose the option watch their films on the go. But certain films live the fullest life when seen in a theater. For someone like me, streaming films on a home television is a fantastic convenience, and still an exciting way to watch movies. But how does this bode for future filmmakers, knowing that their hard work in the field of sound and cinematography may not find fruition on a huge screen?

My video essay series will continue in the coming weeks, so I encourage you to share the videos with anyone whom you think would be interested – especially if that person needs to be convinced that movies are worth a deeper look.