Regardless of whether or not Warren Beatty opens the wrong envelope, the Academy Award for Best Picture remains perhaps the most prestigious honor a film can receive. A nomination, let alone a win, enters movies into a rarefied stratosphere of cinematic immortality. For every lucky nominee, though, there are countless others that don’t make the list. From overlooking Ernst Lubitsch’s To Be or Not to Be and the Terrence Malick gem, Badlands, to its disregard for Spike Lee’s classic, Do the Right Thing, and Sean Baker’s The Florida Project, the Academy reminds us annually that award ceremonies will always be imperfect judges of quality. It ultimately comes down to us, the audience, to decide which films truly matter, and it’s a testament to the power of these movies that they remain acclaimed in spite of their being shunned by the Oscars. Without further ado, here are the belated nominees for Best Omitted Picture.

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