Oscilloscope Laboratories knew exactly what the world needed in these waning days of 2016: a documentary described as a "love letter" to the thousands of cats that call the streets of Istanbul home. With an "awwww" factor that no other film in recent memory can match, Kedi’s two-minute trailer first situates the viewer within Turkey's capital city, teeming with people going about their daily lives. But as the camera is quick to point out, living alongside them is the vast citizenry of cats that inhabit the corners, alleys, and streets of the ancient city.

The large ensemble cast includes, if there is any justice in this world, future international superstars Bengü "the lover," Psikopat "the psycho," Deniz "the social butterfly," Duman "the gentleman," and several other first-time feline thespians. And just from the brief glimpses we're given in the trailer, we're more than ready to declare the 2017 Oscar acting races foregone conclusions; how about we just hand over the Cannes acting trophies too while we're at it? It seems impossible to imagine any voting member managing to resist the talents and charm of such charismatic performances. Unfortunately at the moment you'll have to be content with watching the trailer over and over, as Kedi currently is scheduled to only hit theaters in February 2017.