Get Out is a landmark movie. Not only did it put Jordan Peele on the map as an auteur director, but it also demonstrated his powerful voice as a force for social commentary and provided a vehicle for Daniel Kaluuya to show off his scary good chops—I know a lot of us in the office are pulling for Kaluuya in the race for the Best Actor Oscar. Speaking of the Oscars, Kaluuya and Peele have both been honored with nominations (with Peele’s nomination for Best Directing and Best Original Screenplay especially noteworthy for, not least of all, the snub handed to him by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association). All told, Get Out has garnered four nominations, including for Best Picture—and when was the last time a horror film got that sort of respect? So if you liked Get Out as much as we did, here are our recommendations for further viewing. 

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