Denzel Washington is one of the most famous and critically acclaimed actors in the world. So famous in fact, that in 2006 The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia named Washington as one of three people with whom they were willing to negotiate for the release of hostages. This stage-trained, charismatic international superstar has displayed a lot of range throughout his career, but he also has demonstrated, in some of his most iconic roles, a particular proficiency in expressing anger on screen. This ability has become a staple of his acting career, and can be seen in the trailers for the awaited Fences, Washington's latest film and third directorial effort, in which he reprises his role from August Wilson's Pulitzer Prize-winning play. This video essay explores the tools Washington uses to act out anger, breaking them down into categories to show that an actor can have range even while expressing only one emotion (range, after all, is an anagram of anger).