It’s only fitting that Michel Gondry got his start making music videos for innovative weirdos like Björk and Daft Punk, as he himself has the air of a mad scientist obsessed with DIY movie magic. For example, did you know he helped develop “bullet time”, the visual effects technique made famous by The Matrix? When looking at Gondry’s mind-bending body of work, it’s clear that he defies the laws of nature in order to bring childlike wonder to the bittersweet world of grown-ups and their foibles, which are more often than not romantic in nature. His sense of color, which is always more dreamy and eccentric than realistic, adds yet another dimension to his playful experimentation. From Clementine’s hair in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind to Colin’s pianocktail in Mood Indigo, this video sinks its teeth into the colors of Gondry’s gleefully unconventional oeuvre.


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