Many actors are known for transforming their physical appearances in preparation for a role. We've all heard stories about Christian Bale's extreme weight loss for The Machinist or De Niro pushing the scale in the opposite direction for Raging Bull. But these major transformations, while often necessary, tend to call attention to themselves; moviegoers seem more intrigued by the physical alteration of the actor than the performance itself. With the exception of her Academy Award-winning performance in Monster, Charlize Theron is often overlooked as a transformative actor. The reason we don't associate Theron with the Swintons and Letos of the acting world is because her transformations are so subtle and subdued that they often go unnoticed. While her transformation in Monster is infamous and obvious, Theron has spent majority of her acting career sporting an array of different looks and seamlessly blending into her cinematic environments. "Looking the part" may be one of the most basic elements of acting, but Theron does it in many different ways without anyone even realizing.