Written and directed by Frances Ha herself, Greta Gerwig, starring a pink-haired Saoirse Ronan, and set in early-2000s Sacramento, Lady Bird (still in theaters, in case you missed it) topped many lists of last year’s best movie offerings — including ours. Run, don’t walk, to go see it! And then if, like us, you can’t get enough of this achingly clear-eyed, tenderly brutal coming-of-age story, we have five humble recommendations to offer you. In them, you’ll find fierce young (and often, female) protagonists, penetrating pathos, and living lives in transition—for all kinds of compelling reasons.

Want more women-led casts delving into life, love, and all of the beautiful chaos in-between? You can stream two of our Lady Bird-like cinematic suggestions — The Exploding Girl and Falling Angels — on Fandor right now!