When Aubrey Plaza makes you laugh, it’s usually because she’s making you nervous. Whether she’s shooting daggers as April Ludgate in Parks & Recreation, taking social media obsession to the extreme as Ingrid in Ingrid Goes West, dancing to Nina Simone as Lenny Busker in Legion, seducing the infamous Henry Fool in Hal Hartley’s Ned Rifle, or otherwise slaying one of her many other memorable roles, she’s always defying our expectations and pushing the limits of awkwardness in a way that few dare to attempt. A kind of confrontational weirdness exudes from every performance, with the confidence and courage to match.

In this video, we take a look at the way Aubrey Plaza deftly weaponizes our discomfort (and our expectations) to incredible effect, over and over again.

Watch Now: Aubrey Plaza in Ned Rifle.

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