Why does everyone hate Anne Hathaway? No, really. She was once America's sweetheart, literally a live-action Disney princess. Now she has a legion of anti-fans who so cleverly refer to themselves as "Hathahaters." Where did the former girl next door go wrong?

After winning over moviegoers in her feature debut, The Princess Diaries, Hathaway turned in more overly-sweet performances in The Other Side of Heaven, Ella Enchanted, and The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement, becoming the poster child for Disney. Her following role was much edgier and darker, in the R-rated Havoc. That was a far cry from her previous work, and the actress clearly was trying to shed her Disney-princess image. Well, it worked. After Havoc, Hathaway scored roles in Brokeback Mountain, The Devil Wears Prada, Rachel Getting Married, and The Dark Knight Rises. Here's where public opinions began to sway. Hathaway was often accused of "trying too hard" to shed her good-girl image onscreen. But the real transition occurred after her Oscar-winning performance in Les Misérables, and it wasn't solely because of her performance.

When Hathaway won her Academy Award, she approached the microphone, looked at her trophy, and, in an almost child-like whisper to herself, said, "It came true." And just like that, the masses simultaneously turned on the actress. All of the sudden Hathaway was known as the "bad kind of theater kid," too eager to please and overly willing to entertain. While it's easy to see how something so trivial could be maybe a minor annoyance, the word "hate" is used excessively and very deliberately when referring to Hathaway. Did she really do anything wrong? It seems most of her haters simply hate her just to hate her. The irrational feelings toward the actress have even become a subject for parody, fueling bits on comedic sketch shows like Key & Peele. At this point in time, it seems even Hathaway herself is in on the joke. In her latest film, Colossal, the actress portrays a woman who's unknowingly controlling a city-crushing kaiju. An innocent woman sitting at home while also being a destructive monster in another culture? Seems a tad self-aware.