The King, as in Elvis Presley, died at the tender age of forty-two, luckily Bruce Campbell, our king, is still going strong at sixty—even if his triumphant return to the small screen with Ash vs. the Evil Dead was recently (and unjustly) cancelled. Still, that won’t stop us here at Fandor from celebrating our favorite hero of B-movies and indie cinema. And his magnificent chin. And his ability to slay deadites with his chainsaw-for-a-hand. And how he manages to make every movie better with his exuberance, passion, and that thing he usually gets short shrift for: His acting chops. So come along with us as we raise our glasses to the one and only Bruce Campbell. Hail to the king, baby.

Hey! Who else do we love here at Fandor? What about Parker Posey? Yeah, she’s pretty rad. And then there’s Jennifer Connelly. She’s too cool for school. And don’t forget that scion of weird, Nic Cage. Just think if Cage and Campbell teamed-up in a movie. Best. Movie. Ever.