Last year cinema lost one of its greatest visionaries, Abbas Kiarostami. Kiarostami’s filmography is full of poetic and nuanced works that deal with the life’s many subtleties and complexities. The director worked in both documentary and fiction, often traversing both modes to create enigmatic blends of reality and fiction. This is none more present than in his Koker trilogy.

The first film in the trilogy, Where is the Friend’s Home? (1987) is set in the village of Koker, the story taking place before the village was hit by a devastating earthquake three years later in 1990. The disaster prompted Kiarostami to return to Koker with his camera, producing two follow-up films: Life, and Nothing More… (1992) and Through the Olive Trees (1994). These films take place in post-earthquake Koker, both dealing with the real-life aftermath of the disaster whilst threading fictitious elements through their narratives.

Kiarostami’s final film, 24 Frames premiered at this year’s Cannes Festival. This video looks at the trilogy that best sums up the director’s complex and poetic work.