This June, all over the world, the LGBTQIA+ community will celebrate visibility and community in many different ways, from parties and parades to resistance and remembrance. In honor of this special month and the dazzling spectrum of identities that follow under the rainbow-colored umbrella of “Pride,” the Fandor team has curated a different movie for every day. From your favorite famous faces and filmmakers to obscure and underground gems and cult favorites, there are plenty of incredible and inspiring stories to explore. So without further ado, let’s let the celebration begin! Happy Pride, and happy watching! Here’s the full “Faces of Pride” movie list:

1. The Watermelon Woman

2. Poison

3. Greek Pete

4. Laurence Anyways

5. Portrait of Jason

6. Transgender Tuesdays

7. Born in Flames

8. Keep the Lights On

9. Hide and Seek

10. Mango Soufflé

11. The Dog
12. Paulista

13. 52 Tuesdays

14. I Always Said Yes
15. The Polymath
16. Open

17. Caravaggio
18. Bi the Way
19. Breaking Through
20. The Wedding Banquet
21. Gendernauts

22. Rock Hudson’s Home Movies

23. Jobriath A.D

24. Alaska is a Drag

25. Split
26. Chris and Don: A Love Story

27. The Invisible Men

28. Any Day Now
29. Vito
30. The Lesbian Avengers Eat Fire, Too

Speaking of all things Pride, did you know that Fandor has a huge library of LGBTQIA+ movies? Now you do!