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Maurice Martenot dreamed of sound springing from silence. Amid the chaos of the Great War, the young French wireless telegraph operator became enthralled by the unusual interference produced by his radio’s vacuum tubes. He envisioned of an instrument that would turn the raw material of electricity into music, while allowing for the complete control of the performer: the Ondes musicales Martenot. Inspired by an ideal of human and live artistic expression, his electronic instrument is of such extraordinary sensitivity that nearly a century after its invention, musicians, artisans and scientists are still trying to unravel its secrets. With its modern-day plot set against a historical background, WAVEMAKERS pursues the uncompleted dream of the visionary man that was Maurice Martenot. This feature documentary follows an ensemble of Martenot aficionados, in France and Quebec, who search through studios, basements, science labs and workshops to unravel the secrets of the instrument.

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