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Internet changed not only our personal lives around the globe, it keeps changing dramatically itself. In a relatively short time, it changed from a free haven, full of new initiatives that were not only business-minded, but also creative and liberating, into "Big Brother" (an all encompassing control mechanism). 9/11 set off a hitherto unknown explosion of the surveillance industry, and the new phenomenon of Big Data did the rest. At least since Edward Snowden, "normal citizens" are trying to figure out how the digital invasion of our privacy works and try to develop new, also digital ways out. Rachel Law is a perfect example. She's a young whiz kid who developed the so-called Vortex-project. Vortex enables the user to random-like change identities to trick all kinds of people and companies that might be interested in you. It's a real eyeopener. For instance: did you know that as a Mac-user you automatically fall into a different price category than a PC-user, when you would like to book a holiday trip? And that just might be the most harmless example you will encounter in this short film, made by filmmakers and video-artists Eline Jongsma and Kel O'Neil.

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