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Set in Los Angeles, Yoshi, a retired office worker, tries to care for his wife, Aiko, who suffers from Alzheimer's disease. For fifty years the couple has been together, working and raising a family. Each weekend the couple heads to the mountainous forests outside the city to follow Aiko's favorite hobby, sketching wild rabbits. But now, with Aiko's Alzheimer's in its latter stages, the tables have turned. While stuck in their dark, cramped home in the vast Los Angeles sprawl, Yoshi must care for his beloved wife. As Aiko's sickness turns her into a frighteningly different person, Yoshi is forced to question the most important thing in his life: his love for his wife. Can he really care for Aiko as illness robs them both of loving memories, or can Yoshi fight through the heartache to tend to the woman who cared for him for so long? USAGI-SAN is a lyrical and poetic evocation of the love and agony we feel for those we care most about as they change before our very eyes.

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