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TOKYO WAKA is as much a carefully-etched, lyrical portrait of Tokyo and its denizens as it is a full-fledged rendering of the surprisingly rich life of crows. A tofu seller, a homeless woman and a Buddhist priest contemplate mortality, the metabolism of their city and garbage, while around them crows build nests of stolen hangers, cache food in the parks and strafe hapless passersby. Tokyo is a digital metropolis, its commercial crossroads carpeted with people day and night, while up above, watching from perches on buildings and power lines, are more than twenty-thousand crows. As their numbers soared in recent years, Tokyo fought back: trapping them, destroying nests and securing trash. The crows adapted; they are among the smartest of animals. The thirteen million people of Tokyo, who like their nature mediated and under control, have been stared down by an avatar of the unruly natural world.

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