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Forced by circumstances to live with her loathsome son and daughter-in-law, elderly Mrs. Watts wants nothing more out of life than to return to her hometown of Bountiful. Escaping from her family's clutches, she boards a bus to Bountiful, where she makes the acquaintance of young Thelma. The two women immediately hit it off, and their trip is a most pleasant one. Eventually, the local sheriff, ordered to find Page and bring her back to her family, catches up with the old woman just a few miles from Bountiful. Feeling sorry for her, he permits her to complete her sentimental journey, even though he knows full well that Bountiful is now a ghost town of empty ruins and dilapidated shacks. It doesn't matter, though: she sees Bountiful just as it was when she left it, and for the first time in years is truly happy and at peace with herself.

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