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The seaside town of Roxham sparks to life only in the summer. So, to skim the cream off the season's spoils, the local boys put their "System" into operation. Through a carefully worked out plan the boys (David Hemmings, John Alderton and Andrew Ray) spot the pretty girls arriving on holiday. They then board the weekend train at a station up the line. Their leader, Tinker, a happy-snaps cameraman (Oliver Reed), photographs the girls to find out where they stay, and then through a rota system, with fair shares for all, they each select a girl to pursue. For boys on the make, the "System" saves time and eliminates competition, until one day Tinker meets Nicola (Jane Merrow). Rich, elegant, blasé and in complete command of any romance; he finds himself at a loss for the first time. Has the System finally failed and has Tinker finally met his match?

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