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Meet Vincent Dooly (Andrew Bowser), an aspiring inventor who dreams of winning the Thomas Alva Edison Award for Young Inventors (or "Eddy"). A documentary crew follows Vincent in the last year that he is eligible to compete, at the same time following Martin Wooderson (Jimmi Simpson), a smug wunderkind with a long history of winning. Through the months leading up to the Eddy's, Vincent mentions a secret invention he is sure will change his losing streak. We meet Vincent's best friend Gunter (F. Jason Whitaker), his endlessly supportive mother (Dee Wallace), his tweaked out father (Mark Boone Junior), the object of his affection (Ruby Wendell), and his hero, a surly junkyard worker (Kevin Corrigan). This mockumentary about an aspiring inventor who dreams of winning the coveted Eddy will leave you laughing. Vincent's only problem is...he's never made an invention that works.

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