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The Gay Agenda, a photography exhibition featuring the work of artists Kris Darmody and Brenton Geyer, took place in Melbourne, Australia during the annual Midsumma Festival in January 2013. The idea behind the exhibition was to defuse the loud and proliferating warnings coming from social conservative circles about a "militant, homosexual agenda." Kris and Brenton selected quotes from leading conservative commentators and represented the "threats" as a literal reality in their photographs and by doing so revealed the farcical nature of such hyperbole. This documentary takes the work of Kris and Brenton from the gallery walls to the silver screen, sharing their wry wit, their disarming strategies and their photographic talents with audiences around the world. There are many ways to respond to inflammatory rhetoric, but Kris and Brenton empower themselves and their community by tapping into the long-standing tradition of social satire and revealing the absurdity of THE GAY AGENDA.

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