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SISTERHOOD is a fun, irreverent and quirky comedy set between London and New Zealand. Catherine Saint John-Burke is an independent, uptight, status-obsessed, sophisticated British woman living alone in London’s Chelsea, and doing herself no favours by having an affair with a married man. Her world is turned upside down when she comes home one day to find Shirley Zachary, an uncouth Kiwi woman (with very hairy legs) drinking beer on her sofa. Shirley announces she is Catherine’s long lost half-sister. As far as Catherine is concerned, the only thing Shirley has lost is her mind. Undaunted by Catherine’s doubts, Shirley claims that their father, whom Catherine thought had died before she was born, is still alive and trying to make claims on both their properties following the simultaneous death of their mothers. Furious and frustrated with Shirley’s refusal to disappear, Catherine then insists that they take a DNA to prove they are not related. Reluctantly Shirley agrees, and to Catherine’s horror the results conclude that the two are actually sisters. Both girls eventually agree to work together to track down their con-man father in order to get rightful ownership of their inheritance. Of course, as he is hiding from the local mob whilst seducing an eighty year old lottery winner, their father Jack is not an easy man to find! They begin their adventure by mistakenly following a man called Jack Crawford with hilarious consequences. Along their journey they discover many things, but most importantly they discover their SISTERHOOD.

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