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SIGNER'S SUITCASE is a kind of a road movie that follows a magically charged fault-line through the European landscape. From the Swiss Alps to eastern Poland, from Stromboli to Iceland... a wide-ranging attempt at setting an ideal travel speed. The artist, Roman Signer, marks out situation with his array of instruments; striking lapidary interventions full of double-edged humor. "Simple" poems being transmitted into space with such items as gunpowder and fuse, rubber boots, balloons, stool, small table and a three-wheeled Piaggio. SIGNER'S SUITCASE is also a trip through states of being. A tightrope walk between fun and melancholy. Danger both mental and physical, stimulates the senses. Sudden crashes and abruptly tilting moods characterize the rhythm and tone of this cinematic journey. "Chambermusic," Signer calls his actions with fuse and rocket, "sculptural chambermusic."

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