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RULES OF THE ROAD tells the story of a love affair and its demise through one of the objects shared by the couple: an old beige station wagon with fake wood paneling. A typical American family car for an atypical American family, it provides the women at first with all the familiar comforts. But when their relationship ends, the car becomes the property of one and the bane of the other's existence. Even long after their separation, this tangible reminder of their life together (and thousands of its imitators) continues to prowl the streets of the city, haunting the woman who no longer holds the keys either to the car or the other woman's heart. Through spoken text, popular music and images from the streets of New York, RULES OF THE ROAD takes a somewhat whimsical, somewhat caustic look at how our dreams of freedom, pleasure, security and family are so often symbolized by the automobile.

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