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The second feature directed by Todd Haynes, POISON is a groundbreaking American independent film and was the most fervently debated film of the 1990s as well as a trailblazing landmark of queer cinema. A work of immense visual invention, Haynes' spectacular follow-up to his legendary SUPERSTAR: THE KAREN CARPENTER STORY is audacious, disturbing and thrillingly cinematic. Inspired by the writings of Jean Genet, POISON deftly interweaves trio of transgressive tales ("Hero," "Horror" and "Homo") that build toward a devastating climax. "Hero," shot in mock television-documentary style, tells a bizarre story of suburban patricide and a miraculous flight from justice; "Horror," filmed like a delirious '50s B-movie melodrama, is a gothic tale of a mad experiment which unleashes a disfiguring plague; while "Homo" explores the obsessive relationship between two prison inmates. A runaway hit which made national headlines when it was attacked by right-wing figures including Dick Armey, Ralph Reed and minister Donald Wildmon, POISON is unsettling, unforgettable and thoroughly entertaining.

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