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The next wave in cutting-edge cinema from Japan, PEEP "TV" SHOW is a radically new and disturbing film that intentionally blurs the line between documentary and fiction. Two mixed-up social misfits have a chance meeting on a Tokyo street. Hasegawa is secretly shooting video of unsuspecting people, which he broadcasts over his website. Moe, dressed in the ultra-modern fashion known as Gothic Lolita, is a fan of the site and wants in on Hasegawa's voyeuristic enterprise. Together, the jaded couple takes the concept of reality TV to a new, hideous level. Director Yutaka Tsuchiya weaves his story around real images of our modern world, including footage from surveillance cameras and news clips from the 9/11 terrorist attacks. This tapestry of factual images and fictional storytelling offers compelling insight into our media-driven society and how it rules our lives with images of fear, terror and torture.

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