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NOW AND THEN is a four-year journey through the American rite of passage known as college. This feature-length documentary follows ten undergraduates at Stanford University from move-in day to graduation, from their last days as teenagers to their first days as adults. Three years after filming the critically-acclaimed FROSH, filmmakers Dan Geller and Dayna Goldfine returned to campus to expand their characters' stories in this 28-UP style look at college. NOW AND THEN revisits the ten students from FROSH and sets up their journeys by weaving together never-before seen footage from freshman year and new scenes from senior year. Cutting back and forth between the freshman past and the senior present, NOW AND THEN is at once a reflection on college life, and a portrait of ten diverse twenty-somethings traversing the path to adulthood. By turns funny and poignant, but always frank, NOW AND THEN captures a diverse group of students as they struggle to define themselves and each other as freshmen, as seniors, and as the people they'd like to become in the adult world. A complete film by itself, NOW & THEN will entertain audiences unfamiliar with FROSH as well as those who responded so well to the original film.

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