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He's an unscrupulous newspaperman eager to exploit the story of a young woman's death by radium poisoning. She knows she's not really dying but can't pass up a free trip to New York with all the trimmings. So begins William Wellman's wonderful black comedy NOTHING SACRED, starring Frederic March and Carole Lombard. Legendary screenwriter Ben Hecht's sharply satirical screenplay, depicting the morbid nature of the scandal-hungry public, is more relevant than ever (with such wonderfully comic lines as, "Doctor, I want to know the worst... we go to press in fifteen minutes!"). Wellman keeps the comic pace frantic in one of the screen's cleverest screwball comedies. With a supporting cast featuring some of Hollywood's most hilarious character actors (specifically Margaret Hamilton, Charles Winniger and Walter Connolly), NOTHING SACRED is nothing less than hysterical.

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