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Oscar, a teenage graffiti artist, only cares about one thing, which is getting his name seen. When he is arrested for vandalism, he is sentenced to community service at an old folks' home. He is forced to clean up, spend time with the elderly, and accompany some of the residents on walks outside. One night after his shift is over, Oscar decides to "bomb" a utility truck parked nearby the home. Lost in his own world, he is unaware of Isabel, a lonely and isolated resident, watching him spray his name. The next day, Isabel forces him to take her on walks so she can continue watching him write his name. Fascinated, she insists Oscar teach her how to "tag" her name. They create her alias ("Nani") and as the graffiti consumes her, the two form an unlikely bond over their visceral vandalism. While Isabel seems to grow younger through her newfound love of graffiti, her battle with Alzheimer's is on a steady decline. When Isabel's memory fades as quickly as the art they've created, will their friendship be able to survive?

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