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An old man, Jefé, is on the run from the law, holed up in an old adobe house on the outskirts of Death Valley Junction. Two decide to hunt him down, to grab publicity for their fledgling website launch of It is never clear what exactly Jefé is wanted for. But as the case proceeds we get to meet an array of his desert friends and hear their real-life stories. We're told about abusive fathers, fathers dying too young and the loss of innocence when a dropped lightmeter entrusted to a seven-year-old impacts the man he is to become. Marta Becket, first lady of the Amargosa Opera House, shares her story of the difficulty she had as a young woman, breaking free from her overly-possessive mother. The two bounty hunters bumble their way along, learning more about themselves than how to catch a harmless old man who sells corn cob pipes. Produced as part of Rick Schmidt Workshop.

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