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LILI'S APRON is a love story set amidst Argentina's economic crisis. The film opens with a couple having a quiet picnic; they are obviously in love with one another. They are quite gentle and affectionate as they spend the leisurely afternoon together. Ramon (Luis Ziembrowski), a restaurant cook, takes as much pride and pleasure in loving his wife as he does in preparing his lavish dishes. Lili (Paula Ituriza) is a mischievous maid who likes to wear her employer's jewelry, wigs and dresses as she cleans the toilet. Their life seems carefree with their two children and a lot of love. When her cleaning habits are discovered, Lili gets fired. And, when Ramon's boss wants him to cook with canned food in order to simplify and spend less, Ramon is fired, too. Ramon attempts to find new work, sells sandwiches from a grocery cart and even gives into Lili's plan to sell, quite unsuccessfully, Tupperware. But the economic situation in Argentina has created a tougher reality. As the couple struggles to pay their mortgage, their belongings are repossessed. Lili's depression and eventual breakdown become more than Ramon can handle on his own. He sends Lili and their children to stay with his family in the countryside and he is pushed to take a job never meant for him. Wearing Lili's wig and pretending to be a woman, Ramon becomes a live-in maid for a wealthy family. Ramon checks in frequently with Lili but lies about his new job, telling her he is working as a security guard. As Lili's mental health improves, she moves back home and Ramon's uneasiness with his job increases. Lili continues to desire time with him and doesn't understand why he can't stay at home with her. Her paranoia gets worse and she follows him to his new job and confronts him.

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