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Sylvain (Pierre Vaneck), a suave, witty player as well as an accomplished writer, and Geneviève (Françoise Arnoul) met 10 months ago. He wanted a serious relationship for the first time so they moved far into the country so they could be together and he could write. He claims that she inspires him. He lives his life very much on a schedule: a time for meals, a time for walks, a time for love making, etc. Geneviève loves him but is quite bored: always questioning what she is doing out there in the country so far from Paris, alone with someone so inattentive. She tried to talk to Sylvain about how she feels, about how they barely have anything to talk about anymore. He makes light of her problem and continues to tell her how much writing he is accomplishing because of her. Sylvain walks to the local pub and encounters a beautiful woman named Françoise (Françoise Prévost). The barkeep tells him that she is the local politician's wife. He continues to frequent the pub in the hopes of meeting her again. Meanwhile, he meets Jacques Saint-Ford (Daniel Gélin) and they quickly become fast friends. Jacques invites Sylvain and his wife to dinner so they can meet each other's wives. To Sylvain's surprise Jacques' wife is the woman from the pub.

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