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The Jewish community in Iran dates back over 2,700 years. The Islamic Revolution of 1979 resulted in the departure of many Jews from the country. JEWS OF IRAN focuses on Jews currently living in Iran and on recent historic developments. The Jews in Tehran, young and old, speak about different kinds of discrimination they face as well as the positive aspects of Iranian life. These positive things include close friendships between tolerant Muslim and Jewish families. And of course there is a strong and responsive bond within the members of the Jewish community itself. In Isfahan, we witness the love and passion that the film's subjects have developed for their home. In Shiraz, the film uncovers an espionage case against the Jews in the area. This film is the first time a Muslim director, Ramin Farahani, has made a film about the lives of Iranian Jews and provides rare access into a community that is flourishing despite its hard circumstances. This film allows the viewer to learn about the problems, the way they preserve their Judaism and their hopes for the future.

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